To build your Slider, you will need the parts below

Hardware store :

M3x15mm screws (X8)
M5 washers (x4)
M5x40mm screws (x4)
M5 nuts (x4)
M3x8mm screws (x4)
Universal Aluminum Hub 5mm (4-40) Pololu (x1)
Spacer 6mm (x8)
POM 625 wheels (x4)
V-Slot aluminum profile 20x20mm (2m +/- according to your needs)
6mm GT2 belt (x2m +/- according to your needs)
M5x20mm screws (x2)
M6x40mm screw (x1) for mounting (V-Slot corner)
M6 nuts (x2) for mounting (V-Slot corner)
M6 washers (x2) for mounting (V-Slot corner)
T-Nuts M5 (x2)
GT2 pulley 20 teeth ø5mm (x1) 


Printable Parts:

ATTENTION: Here for the full Nema version, for the other versions, download the parts you need in the section (Parts to print)

bracket_full_nema17.stl (x1) or Angle V-Slot 20x20 (x1)  
plate_full_nema17.stl (x1)  
plate_2.stl (x1)  
bracket_vslot_high.stl (x1)  



Nema 17 Casun 42SHD0001-24 or other! (x2)
50BYJ46-1 stepper motor (x1) present in the turntable that I present.
Jumper (x9)
Arduino Uno board (x1)
Reel of 22AWG wires (x1 5 or 10m) according to your needs
12V-5A fan (x1)
Switch (x1)
CNC Shield V3 (x1)
USB cable (x1) Printer type (A to B)
Power supply 12V-5A (x1)
Drivers DRV8825 (x2)
Turntable (x1) load 100Kg, according to your needs
Néma 17 connector (x3)
12v DC connector (x1)

Assembly of the Slider